Breathe Cleveland is closed as of January 29th, 2023. Thank you for choosing to practice with us. Check our instagram @breathecleveland for details about outstanding passes and how to connect with our teachers.

Our WHY?
Personal transformation through improved mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Simply Stated: Breathe Better. Live Better.

HOW We Bring Value to Our Students:
Transformation: We believe that we can be better if we are open to growth through healthy changes. Changes come in different shapes and sizes, so we celebrate all forms of progress as a commitment to personal improvement.

Alignment: We provide an environment of trust and consistency so that our students are able to maximize the benefit of their practice and experiences. Our dedication to our purpose and values is honored both on and off the mat.

Well-Being: We care about your health, happiness and the positive outcomes you want for your life. We have a holistic approach of mindfulness and physical activities that create positive energy and connections in order to support your betterment.

Encouragement: We inspire our students and community with courage to move forward, try something new and reach their goals. We acknowledge potential, trying and doing and believe the positive vibes we give in each of our interactions creates a wave of possibility.

Belonging: Our community is grounded in acceptance, inclusion, and fostering a space where everyone can bring their authentic self to their practice. Together, we support each other with kindness and gratitude in the steps we share in each other’s journeys.